OctoGift cards are Unique. Everything we offer was designed by 13-year-old Sebastian Flores. A born engineer, he spent hours as a toddler playing with sand and water, intrigued by the interplay. As he got older, his fascination grew to include pretty much anything with moving parts. Inspired by Rube Goldberg machines, LEGO, and puzzles, he can spend hours tinkering.

When he was eleven, he had a friend who loved candy. Instead of buying him a gift, Sebastian decided to make him a combination candy dispenser greeting card. He could not find any how-to videos on YouTube so he realized he’d have to figure it out himself. After hours of experimenting, he had a working machine built out of items he’d salvaged from our recycling bin and his art supply stash. On the back he wrote “Have a Sweet Birthday!”

Sebastian will never forget the look of joy and amazement on his friend’s face when he opened his present! That wondrous shared moment was the spark for OctoGifts, and now you and that special person can experience it together too.

He is continually cooking up new ideas for cards and gifts! Find us on Facebook at @octogifts