hippopotomonstrosesquip edalian - Big Words for little kids

Barry Rodges is the creator of HIPPOPOTOMONSTROSESQUIPEDALIAN.  This book and artwork are so fun if you are into reading with your kids.

This book is meant to be read by parents to their children. Yes, these words are unusually BIG. They are also fun, wacky, & weird. This book will help put parents & children on an even playing field because the parent will have just as much amusement trying to pronounce these words as their kids will. When parents show their children that there are so many interesting new things to learn – even when you are an adult – it will influence kids to stay curious and to never stop learning.

For over a decade I’ve been writing, drawing and publishing hand-made comic books for Big Beard Comics. They can be found in finer comic stores from Los Angeles to New York. I pay the bills with graphic design but there is a mysterious satisfaction in making things by hand. I specialize in illustration and hand-drawn typography. My work has been featured in magazines, books, websites, and company newsletters. I’ve even sand blasted my illustrations into glass art. If that isn’t enough I also work as a printmaker, puppeteer and maker of wacky things from junk I find in my garage.


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Barry is using a banner holder from EZFrame Company to display his very cool artwork