Craft Fair Success Strategies

Craft Fair Success Tips

Here’s a quick look at some of the things that have helped me successfully sell products at craft fairs. For more goodies and know-how, read on!
  1. Your display is more important than your products and it is crucial to your success at craft fairs.
  2. Elevate banners, signs and lighting over your table to make if visible from a distance. EZFrame has a banner frame that can help
  3. Your booth should be free from clutter and visually appealing up close and from far away.
  4. Choose backgrounds and table coverings that do not distract from your products.
  5. Lighting is important! Evaluate each venue’s lighting on a separate basis and plan accordingly.
  6. Use unusual elements in your display to add visual interest and stand out from others around you.
  7. Don’t focus only on the front and center of your booth. People often scan around the perimeter when deciding to enter a display.
  8. Use signage tastefully and sparingly.
  9. Do not let people see supplies or other behind-the-scenes elements under your table. Use table covers appropriately.
  10. Once they’re inside, engage your customers’ senses by controlling the temperature, choosing some nice music, and using scent tastefully.
  11. Don’t shout at your customers or use pushy slogans. Invite them in with genuine, cheerful greetings.